Babies and Birthdays!!

So we had our first OB Ultrasound today and I'm happy to report that everything is looking perfect! We are measuring right where we should be 5w6d and the little baby is nestled right where it belongs! It was such a relief! 

I had quite the morning, I was on a business teleconference as I was leaving for the doc and how this happened I do not know but I locked everything but my work phone in my car...including my car keys, personal cell, everything! Thank God we have a lockbox stored so I could get a spare key - crisis averted!

When I made it to the doc and we went back to the ultrasound room I was still freaking out about locking the keys which was a nice distraction! I got changed and the tech came in and had the screen pointed towards her as she began. Chris was watching but all I could do was look straight at the ceiling. It took her longer than I would have liked to get a good view on the screen but she flipped it around and said everything looks perfect!! She did some digging and checked out my ovaries - which are still enormous since it was a fresh cycle - but she said all looked good!

With this being our first ultrasound and it being so early she said literally all they are looking for is the gestational sac - she made me promise not to freak out if she didn't find anything else and said that anything in addition to an empty sac that we saw would be a plus! And then she found the yolk sac inside!! This is the sac that feeds the baby before the placenta formed so we got a bonus! I think it was Baby Wik's way of knowing his/her momma is a worry wart and giving us a little bonus that she/he is going to be just fine!! A needle stick later and we were on our way!

We were so very relived and so happy to see that everything is right where it belongs and it seems a little more real at this point!! So real that we felt OK doing our first chalkboard pic!

We have another ultrasound in one week where we will be 6w6d and should be able to see a lot more at that point! So keep those prayers coming!

So...the birthday part of the post! My birthday is Saturday on the 24th!!! I will be 31 years young. It's so amazing - normally I am a total birthday, diva princess extraordinaire - like I have a birthday month. Not just a day, or even a week - a whole month. Everyone keeps asking if I'm so excited about my birthday - because they all know me too well! But I can honestly stay this year I would give up my birthday to fast forward to next week when we can (hopefully) see baby Wik's heartbeat! I think it's maternal instinct kicking in! 

Oh and my parents are coming this weekend!!! No matter how old I get - there are times where I just feel like I need my parents here and this was one of those times- can't wait!


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