And the results are in...

We are officially...

Holy smokes - never in a million years did I ever think I would see that sight! But let's back it up a little to Beta Day. When we last parted ways I was bi polar packing tennis shoes and headphones for an extreme workout, tampons for Aunt Flo and the remainder of my IVF meds "just in case" we got good news. Friday morning we arrived at our clinic early and passed the time with a little Monopoly Deal Millionaire (if you don't have this game stop right now and go get it immediately!). 

We got our blood drawn and we hopped a plan to Vegas!!

Once we arrived in Vegas I immediately switched my phone back on - no missed calls. We got a cab to the hotel, waited in the crazy line and got up to our room - still no call. It may have been the longest day of our lives! Finally my phone rings - and for those of you that have the iPhone I have just the standard ringer and that sound will FOREVER be associated with calls from my clinic FCI - first thing I think of whenever I hear it. The nurse made a teeny bit of small talk and when I asked how she was she said "I'm going good, but you are about to be real good - you are pregnant!" I immediately lost it - crying, ok if I'm honest wailing, I could not believe it. I heard the nurse tell the other nurse in the background "we lost her" and I put the hubby on speaker phone with us so we could hear the details and next steps.

Prior to the news - I was having crazy cramping. Not so much period cramps - a little different, lower and just different. Anyways, I assumed that was a bad sign and that we were out. The only hope that I was holding on to was that two days before my acupuncturist had noted my pulses were extremely strong and she just seemed to know. So the nurse told us my first Beta HCg level was 161 and she described that number as being "phenomenal", my progesterone was great at around 64 and to come back Monday for another blood draw! We were so excited and because we had shared our journey with so many - even though it's risky and scary to tell anyone at this point - we started the calling and texting tree because everyone was on pins and needles with us!

We cried and smiled and laughed and tried to let the news sink in - but it honestly still feels surreal like someone needs to pinch me and wake me up from this crazy beautiful dream! And of course we downloaded the what to expect when expecting app right away!

Never though I'd be able to do this!

 Happy mommy and daddy to be!

 A little strip walking...

 Waking up in Vegas!

We got back to Chicago on Sunday night and had our 2nd beta this morning. They are usually looking for your numbers to double every 48 hours. I anxiously awaited the call and finally - around 2 or so my nurse called with the news that our beta was now 445 and looking good! I will have one more beta on Wednesday then we will move to ultrasounds every 7-10 days!

I am still in awe and shock of what God has given us. After our cycle from hell the first time around - it just amazes me at what the doctor was able to do for us. We are no where near out of the woods but I am cautiously optimistic but very hopeful because from the second this cycle started - on my way to my first baseline before birth control even started - I felt a sense of peace and calm going in to this round. We just hope and pray that this good news continues, that our numbers rise and our ultrasounds go well. We are beyond blessed and are so appreciative of all the thoughts, prayers, calls, texts, emails - all of it! This journey has not been an easy one - but I've made so many friendships and strengthened so many connections along the way - I wouldn't change it for the world.

And to all my TTC sisters - keep on fighting that fight and Do. Not. Give. Up. Your day will come - we may not all take the same paths to get there - but we will all hold a baby in our arms one day that we call our own and all the tears and all the needle sticks and heartaches will be more than worth it and it will be more beautiful than we ever imagined.


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