The day we fell in love...

Chris and I have loved one another for almost 13 years - he is my world, my heart and my everything. My entire world - right or wrong - revolves around him and the two of us...until today. Today we had our 6w6d ultrasound and we saw our little one's flickering heartbeat!!! It seriously was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. Until today, I felt just sort of pregnant. At our last ultrasound they saw a gestational sac and a yolk sac but that was it - no baby. But today - no doubt - there was a healthy, perfect little baby in there with a heartbeat of 122 bpm!! We took a bootleg video (apparently you aren't supposed to but our ultrasound tech was a super sweetheart!) - it's not the best but you get the idea...

And here is a picture of our perfect little peanut!

Hi there baby - Momma loves you already! 

As soon as the image flashed on the screen we saw the heartbeat fluttering away and a serious wave of relief washed over both of us - this is real and that, is the moment we fell in love all over again. With each other and with our little one growing inside my belly. 

So Chris made me promise that I would calm down and stop stressing so much after we saw the heartbeat and it's crazy - but as type-A and high strung as I normally am, I actually feel really peaceful and at ease right now! I know the worrying never stops - not even when the baby is born - but for now I'm undoubtedly pregnant and plan to enjoy every single second of it! 

I was all set to come home and do my Tracey Anderson pregnancy work out DVD but after seeing that little bean on the screen it just put everything into perspective so I don't plan to do much Tracey until we are safely in our second trimester - it's just gonna be short walks for this momma until then! But tonight we celebrate Baby Wik with a new chalkboard pic and the exact Chinese takeout meal we had the night he/she was technically conceived (ok the day of our transfer but such is the life of an IVF'er) :)

6w6d today - so almost 7 but we are taking the pics towards the end of each week!! 

No doubt there will be lots of sad Wrigley eyes when the chinese food arrives!

Thanks for all of your love and support - we appreciate every single text, call and email!

Lots of love!

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