Meeting our OB...

So months ago - assuming our second round wouldn't work - I had made an appointment with a new OB-GYN in the city for my yearly exam. We moved to the city about 4 years ago but I never had gotten a new doctor down here - I continued to drive out to the burbs to see my old doctor who I simply adored. My sweet neighbor who also happens to be a midwife/doula recommended Dr. Scott Moses at Northwestern describing his as compassionate and sweet and promised me he would understand what we went through.  When round 2 worked I thought sweet, we will keep this appointment and will have a chance to meet him before we really dive in to the OB appointments and seriously...he is amazing!

I started by explaining to him my extreme anxiety over these first couple of weeks, the waiting and wondering if they are going to see a baby, if it's going to be in the right spot, and if we will get to heart a beautiful heartbeat is killing me. I'm pregnant with perfect beta numbers as the doctor said, I pee on a stick every other day and it's positive - but I still don't feel like an official member of the club. And Dr. Moses in a way confirmed that - he reaffirmed that yes we are indeed pregnant but we have a few major milestones here in the beginning and hurdles to get past before we can really breathe again. He was very compassionate and understood totally that we are coming from a land of heartache and let down - where the thing you want most in this life in unattainable - so when it happens you feel like it's too good to be true. He said as soon as we see that heartbeat and fetal pole it's his job to get us comfortable being "normal" pregnant people. He gets it and I am so thankful we found him!

This is a hard spot to be in - and I know that sounds terrible and please, don't take it the wrong way. We are amazingly grateful and feel so blessed to be where we are - I think everyday do I deserve this? And we are just elated - but until we know all is well we just can't truly relax and enjoy it - because as many of you have, we've struggled too much. So now we just wait and try our best to occupy our time over the next few weeks until we get past these first mini milestones. I need to learn to be better and trust that God gave us this miracle and he's going to see us through.

So in the meantime - we stay busy!! Friday night has always been our night. A night out with friends on Friday, trying a new restaurant or seeing a movie? Out of the question! Friday nights are the two of us, at our favorite Mexican restaurant solving life's problems! First stop this Friday? A sweet care from RaShelle in the mail, another test to confirm we are indeed still pregnant, and a little pre date primping for the hubs!

We got the WORST table last night - at least it was outside - but it was right beside an enormous group of crazy loud obnoxious drunks. It's Cubs/Cards weekend in Wrigleyville so it is always crazy but this was nuts! Plus it was packed so the kitchen was backed up. It was super sweet though, the waiters and waitresses have become like family to us, greeting us with hugs and kisses and nice to see yous! So after 4 years of ordering a michelada with a corona light, when I ordered a water they iknew something was up so we shared the news with our Friday night family and their reaction was adorable! And to top off the night they brought us celebratory tres leches cake - it was amazing! I will leave you with the most delicious plate of nachos in the world - and my Friday night dinner staple - Nachos Tepito. Happy Saturday all!!


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