With a little help from my friends...

Day 7 of the tww (well really 10 day wait) and the craziness has set in! I am having crazy hot flashes - thanks Endometrin and Vivelle - and I am extremely irritable.  Works been crazy and I'm getting the panicky "OMG the tww wait is almost over - thank God! Wait - it's almost over? What if I'm not pregnant and the dream is over" - either way ends in tears and it changes on a minute by minute basis. So what's keeping me sane you ask? Besides the hubby and my fabulous mother talking me down from the ledge hourly - it's my TTC community on Instagram.

I know - corny right. You are probably thinking about right now that I'm going to be the next person on the MTV show Catfish. But let me tell you - without the amazing community that is Instagram I don't know where I would be. At the end of our first cycle - which failed - the hubby and I had a lot of talks about how he felt like it was consuming our lives and we both agreed it was all we talked about. Me being emotional and hormonal took this as him not understanding and not wanting to talk about it so I clammed up and wouldn't talk about it! In reality, he is an introvert and he deals with things in his own way, and he was feeling just as much pain and heartache as I was - he just shows it differently. So I set out to find some girls who new what I was going through. And boy did I ever find them...

I found a few fertility blogs (thanks Meg!!) and ended up emailing a few girls and that's how it all started. I am not sure exactly how I found all of my ttc sisters or how it all began but I can honestly tell you we are creating friendships that I don't see ending anytime soon. Some are from Chicago, some Minnestoa, we have Jersey girls, New Yorkers, and Cali girls - but the tie that binds us all is some sort of fertility struggle be it miscarriages, endometriosis, PCOS, or just plain old sucks to be you infertility like us! I laugh and cry with these girls, I send notes of encouragement and care packages in the mail, and we text one another often on a daily basis (Chels - it's killing me to be writing this post and not watching Below the Deck right now!). Below is just a sampling of some of the things I've sent/received to my girls!

 I have saved every single card I've received with words of encouragement from everyone in our lives. I hope to make a book of them for our baby when that day comes :)

Julie sure does know the way to my heart - love me some colored sharpies!

 This was my first big round of care packages I sent out!

 Chels sent me the most adorable care package with a soldier to signify we are all soldiers battling infertility!

Heather is a girl after my own heart - pink everything and monster trail mix - yum!

 Gina - my Jersey Girl is the sweetest! 

 Stace - my favorite kindergarten teacher always sends the cutest notes! Written in marker obi ;)

 Allison had me in my first official tic exchange - the nail polish exchange and I am so so grateful! I feel like we have gotten so close after that and she is such an amazing and thoughtful person!

 Many lazy Sunday afternoons are spent writing encouraging notes - love it!

 The best little invention ever from the very sweet Kayla who I hope to meet soon for a little bag shopping!

 And literally the day before she has surgery I got this amazingly thoughtful care package from Suz and Pink Princess crayons - does it get any better?

These girls are amazing - each and every one of them and so many more. We have such a great "in real life" support system with our family and friends - but the quote above is true. No one really understands your journey until they have lived it and honestly I have no clue where I would be without my girls. So to all you on this crazy infertility roller coaster with me, keep your head held high because as the Fairy Godmother said...


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